What is a Combined Development Application and Construction Certificate

What is a Combined Development Application and Construction Certificate

In order to understand what a Combined Development Application and Construction Certificate is, it is important to understand what these 2 components are, what they are related to and how they are connected to each other.

What is a DA- Development Application?

A Development Application is a formal request for the consent to carry-out development. This is the standard method of getting DC or Development Consent in New South Wales. DA’s are suitable for more complicated developments that don’t meet all the requirements for Complying Development or Exempt Development. The appropriate method of getting DA is based on these factors:

  • The size & cost of the development you need approval for
  • The zoning, location & restrictions that are placed on your land
  • Heritage status of your buildings and the land they stand on as well as the status of the surrounding land

What is a CC- Construction Certificate?

Most building works need a secondary approval (post approval of the Development Application). This is called the Construction Certificate– CC:

  • It is needed just before you start any construction or building work
  • It assures that all the specifications and detailed plans comply with the BCA or Building Code of Australia & the related codes and standards
  • Its aim also is to ensure that consistency is maintained with the approved Development Application
  • The CC proves that all the necessary development consent conditions have been satisfied
  • If you are moving forth onto the construction stage & proposing to lodge a CC application with the Council, you will have to follow this sequence

Construction Certificate

There are 3 categories of development in NSW:

  • Exempt Development (includes activities like DIY and minor renovation work. For e.g.: replacing the tiling in your bathroom/ erecting a shed or any other pre-fabricated structure. These activities don’t need approval from the Council
  • Complying Development– If your proposed development/s meet the standards for a Complying Development Certificate– CDC, it can be approved via a fast-track process. It is possible to obtain the certificate if all the predetermined standards have been met (For e.g.- maximum building width, height & length)
  • Development Consent (more complex development proposals are required to pass through the DA process).

The Inspection Factor

If your proposed development receives approval under a CDC then that proposed work can start. After completion of the work, the development will be inspected by the Council to ensure that all the agreed-upon guidelines have been met. If everything is as it should be, The Council will then grant you the Occupation Certificate for that development. It is important to note that the Council may conduct inspections at any point while the development is in progress.

Once the proposal receives approval under a DA, you will have to acquire a Construction Certificate before you can start with the development. If the Development Consent is related to construction of a temporary entertainment-structure, you won’t need a Construction Certificate before starting the work. This is one of the exemptions of the Construction Certificate Approval process.

The Combined Benefit

Since both, the Development Application & the Construction Certificate are a required part of the development process; it is also possible for you to lodge them simultaneously with the Council. So, how exactly does this combined application help you?

  • As a matter of fact, it brings significant efficiencies. This is particularly true for the smaller developments such as residential alterations and residential dwellings as well as additions to residential structures
  • A combined certificate allows for a concurrent assessment of the development as well as building issues by specially-designated Council officers
  • In a number of cases, the DA & CC, can be issued at the simultaneously. This allows you to start the construction work very promptly and makes the entire process a hassle-free

For more complex types of development, the Council may withhold the Construction Certificate until such a point that certain matters which are a prerequisite under the DC have all been satisfactorily addressed. And so, for a homeowner who is looking for quick approval and commencement of basic developments, the combined Development Application & Construction Certificate is a definite advantage.

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