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4 Ways Good Home Design Can Save You Money

The one aspect about good home designing is that it’s not really noticeable at all. You will notice all the detailed features & functional floor plan as well as the ease with which you will live in this beautiful home; but you will never have to worry about awkward spacing or inaccessible spaces or poorly–designed closets. The one thing about good home design is that it makes sense and allows you to live comfortably.

Save Money With Good Home Design

A home that has been designed well will have ample closet & storage space and roomy bedrooms and kitchens. There will be flexibility in design and options for customization. There are a number of reasons why you should opt for good home design. Here are 4 ways it can save you money:

#1 Avoid Expensive Decorating Mistakes

It’s not uncommon to see people attempting to design a new home or remodel an existing one, only to end up wasting thousands of dollars on unavoidable designing mistakes. Some of the most common mistakes people make are:

  • Over-furnishing a room
  • Buying Furniture Out-Of-Scale
  • Hanging artwork Incorrectly/too high
  • Purchasing quantity instead of quality
  • Bad/inadequate/excessive lighting
  • Choosing paint color before furniture or flooring
  • Putting furniture up against walls vs. floating
  • Not following an overall design theme or scheme

All these mistakes are avoidable and it’s possible to have beautifully designed and functional spaces if you give a little thought to these things

#2 Repurposing Your Pieces

If you are renovating your home, it’s not necessary to replace every single piece of furniture and fitting. It’s always possible to look for affordable solutions that provide a fresh look by using some of the things that are already available. For example:

  • It’s possible to redo cabinets with gloss and hardware and have them fit into the overall design
  • You can get chairs upholstered
  • Give your dining room a complete uplift
  • Adding the right kind a of lighting can open-up a small, less-used space

#3 Budgeting & Planning

Good home design is a lot about budget and planning. Regardless of how much you want to spend on building or remodelling your home, you will have a budget allocated for it. When it comes to planning home design, it’s very easy to go overboard with adding various features and you will end up over-stepping your budget.

It’s important to identify which features are more permanent – like creating study niches or providing for a sun room space. It’s important to plan your home design in such a way that all the essential features are included in the budget. You always have the option to add features and decorative elements at a later point of time.

#4 Functionality

Good design is about aesthetics, but it’s also a lot about functionality:

  • For instance if you feel that a particular bedroom space is smaller than expected, try to incorporate built-in wardrobes instead of having a separate walk-in- style closet
  • If you feel that a particular room is too small or that the windows are too small, you can get the draftsman to add a skylight (if possible), or increase the size of the windows. This will help you save on modifications and you will save on electric bills as there will be sufficient amount of light in that space
  • If you feel that you may want to add an extension at a later date, get your draftsman to add pluming, space for an entry and other utility features while the house is being designed. This will help avoid excessive costs on remodelling later

Get Expert Deigning Help

As you can see, good home design is not something that happens by chance. You will need a certain amount of knowledge, foresight and planning to get it right and this will save you a significant amount of money on fixes and modifications. For the best home design concepts, call Elementree Drafting Services at 1300 566 873. You can also use this contact form to connect with us. We will work on your ideas and vision and give it form.

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