Renovation Ideas for a Growing Family

4 Renovation Ideas for Building a Growing Family

So, you have finally decided that you prefer living in the same neighbourhood you currently live in- you have a very settled life there, enjoy the company of your neighbours, like the convenience of the proximity to schools and other amenities and do not want to move out of your comfort zone. But you know your house is too small to accommodate the needs of your growing family. The one way to overcome this situation is to renovate your existing home.

Creating Additional Space

This is one of the most common “go-to” responses for a number of young families. Sometimes families that have elderly people coming and living with them may also consider home renovations. Regardless of the reason, remodelling your home can go a long way in giving you the additional space you need. It’s also a great way of changing the look and feel of the place and an excellent alternative to moving into a completely new locality and home.

Renovation Ideas for a Growing Family

Here are a few renovation tips that will help meet the needs of your growing family:

#1 Extra Bedroom Space

If you have a very large children’s bedroom, you can easily split it in 2- this will give your kids their own space. In case you have an attic, this area can be used in a number of ways. It can be converted into a teenager’s bedroom or can become an excellent den. Alternatively, you can turn it into a play area for your children. For added storage space, you can build shelves in the attic. If you have a study on another floor in the house, it can be moved into the attic area and the existing study can be converted into a bedroom

#2 Kitchen Area

In case you’re existing kitchen and dining room is tiny, consider knocking down a few walls and plan an open kitchen and dining area. It will give you more space and add to the airiness and openness of the home. This kind of a renovation gives you the scope to rearrange things in a number of different ways. You can position a compact dining table & place chairs on 1 side of the kitchen & dining area.

Alternatively, you can install an island; use it as a counter when you are cooking and it can double up as a dining space too. If the existing area is just too small, you can still get innovative and add a fold-down or fold-up table which you can push back against a wall when it is not in use. This will give you sufficient space to move around when you aren’t cooking. You can also have a half height wall for an open plan kitchen and place dining chairs in the living room along a strategically positioned dining table which doubles up as a kitchen counter

#3 Basement

Having a basement is a definite benefit and it can be used in a number of ways. You can turn it into a teenager’s bedroom, a recreation area or game room. You can also turn it into a study and free up some space from another floor by doing so. Pick your colours well and add good lighting and the basement can be turned into a fantastic place the whole family can use

#4 Expand Outdoor Spaces

When you reorganize indoor spaces, you may feel that the area has become a little restricted. You can easily offset this by expanding the outdoor spaces of your property. For instance, you can add a deck, patio or outdoor kitchen. These can be semi-enclosed spots which become an extension of the indoor spaces. They are functional and add to the beauty of your home

The Right Planning

When you consider any renovation, plan it well and it will give you the functionality you need. Good home additions also add value to your home. Take the help for an experienced draftsman; the person will be able to provide you detailed plans, based on your ideas, requirement and budget. These plans can then be given to the contractor who will make the necessary renovations for you. For the best renovation ideas and plans, call Elementree Drafting Services at 1300 566 873. You can also use this contact form to connect with us.

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