6 things that are crucial to completing a succesful house plan

6 Things That are Crucial to Completing a Successful House Plan

Building a home becomes a significant investment in terms of time, effort and money. With this in view, it’s important to focus on having a successful house plan. It must match your current needs, but it should also provide you the flexibility to add and renovate easily in the future; and this is what takes a certain amount of effort and insight.

House Plan Vs Floor Plan

These two terms tend to be used interchangeably, within the building industry as well as with homeowners; however, they have different meanings. A floor plan is a to-scale drawing of only one floor of a building, while a house plan is a complete set of plans used in the construction of a home. It includes floor plans, sections, elevations as well as all the specifications for construction.

Floor Plans- Things to Consider

If you are planning on building a new home and want a successful house plan, these are the things you should be taking into consideration:

#1 Define Your Needs

Identify all the fundamental features of the new build. It’s important to plan well and start with the basics. Work with a good draftsman on your ideas; he will help you identify exactly what your building needs & limitations are

#2 Identify Reason for Building

It’s important to recognize what your reasons for a new build are. You will have to decide whether you are going to occupy the home or are building it only for investment purposes. If you plan on living in it, your needs & expectations will be completely different from what they would be if you were just building it as a sale or rental property. If you try to accommodate both requirements into one build, it can create 2 conflicting house plans and so it’s important to get this stage right

#3 Future Plans

Consider whether you are upsizing/downsizing and whether you want to have the flexibility for either, in the near future. Once you have identified your reason, you will be able to design a successful house plan around your existing and future needs & lifestyle. Those who are planning to upsize might require the flexibility to expand their living spaces much more than anticipated, based on their family’s needs in the future. This is why versatility becomes an important aspect while upsizing, while downsizers might forgo it for much larger rooms

#4 Avoid Generic House Plans

If you are not too sure about the kind of house plan you want, it’s easy to be swayed by the different designs you see. It’s important to be clear about the kind of house you want, the location you want to build it in and the building restrictions (if any), in that area. If you don’t do this, you may just keep gravitating from one idea to another, get stressed and become disappointed with the entire process

#5 Build Type

You will also have to decide whether you need & want to build a multi, double or single-storey home and also choose the architectural style you want. For instance, you will have to decide whether you want a traditional/contemporary-style home as this will influence your house plan design

#6 Location & Size of Block

You will also have to take the location and block size into account. The location can have bearing on the actual size of the blocks that are available. Newer suburbs as well as inner city suburbs generally have smaller blocks. In this respect, the location & size of the block may help you determine the style and type home you build; in turn, this would affect your house plans

Professional Drafting Services

Check for local council guidelines and restrictions that could affect the style and build of your home. It’s also important to take the privacy factor into account while you are getting your house plans done. Make a list of all your current house plan needs and your future ones and discuss them in detail with your draftsman, who will provide you with the right solutions. For the best and customised house plans, call Elementree Drafting Services at 1300 566 873. You can also use this contact form to connect with us.

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