How 3D Rendering has Changed the Drafting Space Forever

How 3D Rendering has Changed the Drafting Space Forever

The housing industry in Australia has been progressing at a very rapid pace. Homebuilders and developers are now trying a range of marketing strategies that will help in sustaining them in an increasingly competitive market. With reference to this, 3D rendering has now emerged as a very important marketing tool; it provides a professional and photo-realistic visualization of the planned/ ready development.

Today, builders and developers across Australia are using 3D rendering in all their projects as it helps them transform their architectural creations into digital images. It gives buyers a much better idea about what that property is going to look like and they can make more informed decisions.

The Benefits of 3D Rendering

The drafting services that a number of companies provide have also changed in a big way and moved out of the “blue prints” phase into these digitalized 3D renderings phase. Let’s take a look at the benefits of this medium for developers as well as drafting professionals:

#1 Life-Like Images

It’s important to use visual images in any marketing campaign. This is because photos and images catch the attention of prospective buyers. These are sort of a digital catalogue for builders; they are able to effectively and simply present every aspect of interior and architectural design in an accurate and detailed manner, to investors & prospective buyers. These images are very life-like and it’s easier to communicate the benefits of a property to clients

#2 Global Marketing Advantage

Over the years, marketing methodology has evolved in a very significant manner. With advances in the virtual space, global economy is on the uptrend. For builders or developers that are competing in the global space, 3D marketing becomes an excellent marketing tool. Since these are digital products, it’s easy to present and share them via the internet. They can also be uploaded very easily onto the internet/ company website are useful in print & interactive media

#3 Cost Effective and Fast

It can be quite expensive to develop to-scale models or build sample houses. In comparison, expertly created 3D models are easier to make and very cost-effective too. The time & effort taken to organise site-visits can also be reduced and clients can just look at these renderings for walkthroughs. A skilled draftsman who has been trained in 3D rendering is able to complete more renderings within the same time frame and it benefits them too

#4 Changes are Easier

There are times when construction plans have to be adjusted and altered. This can be a very time-consuming proposition if conventional drafting methods are used. Contrastingly, it’s much easier to incorporate changes in the plans. It saves developers a lot of money, clients are satisfied and drafting professionals are able to make these changes easily too

#5 Construction Permits

The visual imagery that 3D rendering provides helps in getting various approvals for the necessary construction permits. 3D renderings have all the details and this provides authorities with greater clarity about the project

A Positive Change

A majority of homebuilders, real-estate developers and architectural firms now prefer to outsource their 3D rendering requirements as it saves them around 60% of costs. Drafting companies have the expertise to render 3D images in a much more expert manner. The marketing space has definitely changed in a big way and so has the drafting space. Today, 3D rendering is not an option- it’s a prerequisite for any real-estate developer, architect or builder who wants to keep one step ahead of the competition.

When ideas and designs are presented in a 3D format, the plans look more realistic and it’s possible to impress clients. What’s important is that these renderings can be used to present plans even while the project in under construction or before the construction has begun. This makes consolidation of designs and ideas of architects, designers & potential clients much easier.

An Experts Job

There is no doubt that the drafting space has been transformed forever with the advent of 3D rendering. If you are a builder or real-estate developer, it’s important that you use the services of a competent drafting company to provide you with the 3D services you need. For more information, call Elementree Drafting Services at 1300 566 873. You can also use this contact form to connect with us.

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