Zoe of Elementree Drafting

Customer Service falling on Deaf Ears

We wanted to share this story with you, in the hope that it raises awareness for the excellent people out there who are being overlooked for employment because they might be different.

It’s a story about our fabulous Team member, Zoe who is our Office Administrator and answers all the phone calls coming through to our studio at Annangrove…even though she is profoundly hearing impaired.

Yes, we had to make some changes, but Zoe has become such an integral part of the Elementree Team that we don’t know how we ever managed without her!

Zoe and the Team at Elementree Drafting Services are keen to get the word out about the opportunities available to people and businesses who employ job seekers through Ability Options and other Disability Employment Agencies, and to raise awareness so people realise that we are all different, and that being different is no reason to overlook someone who could be amazing.

To talk to Zoe, or any of the Team at Elementree, call 1300 566 873.

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