6 Reasons Why you Need a Virtual Tour

6 Reasons Why you Need a Virtual Tour

We live in the era of internet marketing and the customer experience is directly linked to the manner in which you showcase your business on the World Wide Web. With this in view, there truly is no other marketing tool in the current-day real-estate space, which is as effective as a virtual tour.

Of course, it’s not really a novelty to market real estate via the Internet and if you have still not woken up to the benefits of adding virtual tours of your property/ies on your website, you are missing out on something.

How you Benefit

Market surveys statistics clearly indicate that real-estate buyers will scour the Internet before they actually buy/rent a property. And so, making a successful sale is a lot about breaking the ice between the sellers & buyers. And virtual tours are a great way of doing this. Take a look at some distinct benefits:

#1 Save Time & Money

Dynamic & interactive virtual tours are a great tool for catching the attention of prospective buyers, just with the click of a mouse. It’s almost like having a 24/7 open house 365 days a year, which is undoubtedly a great sales opportunity. A virtual tour simplifies everything and becomes the ideal marketing tool

#2 Beat the Competition

Even today, a number of developers and property owners who are selling, have standard sketches of the property on their sites. The minute you add a virtual tour to your site, potential buyers are able to view the space from various angles. This significantly ups the sales-rate of your property. If you are using a virtual tour in a listing on a real-estate agent’s website, it will do the same for you

#3 Target Your Audience

Your website is not only an online space where you give information to visitors to your website. When you add virtual tours to it, every website hit can be turned into real buyers. This kind of a visual medium can keep visitors engaged.

The longer they stay on your site, more the chances of them getting more interested in your property. When they are able to see the property in full 360° panorama, the effect is completely different from looking at flat images. It gives them a better “feel” of the property and increases the chances of a sale for you

#4 Making an Impact

You have just one chance to make an impact, so do not lose the opportunity. Your primary objective should be to make the visitors to your website, more familiar with your property and a virtual tour is the best way of doing this. When they walk through your property virtually, they will be more inclined to seeing what the real thing looks like. And once they have visited your offices and the site, it gives you the chance to impress them even further

#5 No Software Required

When a reliable and skilled professional makes a virtual tour for you, it is very simple to integrate it on your website. You also have the flexibility to share this with potential clients and make an impression

#6 Flexibility

Once a visitor starts looking at the visual tour, he/she has the flexibility to focus on details that they are really interested in and they can use the zoom-in & zoom-out features to do so. What’s probably even more important is that they can look at the virtual tour any number of times from the comfort of their homes.

In most cases, buying a home is a family-decision and visitors can watch the video with their family. This convenience factor is hard to beat. It also saves you the trouble of showing the client a property multiple times

Opt For the Best

And so, as you can see, a virtual tour is a must-have in the current competitive real-estate marketplace in Australia. It’s important to choose a company that will be able to create a professional, interactive, attractive and high-quality virtual tour for your website.

Make full use of this impactful marketing tool; transform passive visitors into interested and “active shoppers”; For the best drafting, virtual photos and virtual tours, contact Elementree Drafting Services on 1300 566 873. You can also connect with us via this contact form.

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