2015 Renovation Trends

5 Renovation Trends You Can Implement in 2015

Your home is your comfort zone; but over time it too needs a facelift and renovating your family home is the one way to add functionality, elegance and value to your property. A number of renovation trends surface every year and these tend to last much longer than fashion trends do. Most homeowners keep making small changes to their home, add pieces of furniture, change furnishings, add artwork, new rugs etc.

2015 Renovation Trends

But these are very small changes and though they help in altering the look of the space, they don’t give you the satisfaction of having the kind of complete new look that a renovation does. This year, renovation trends are leaning more towards practical and functional additions which help make maximum use of the available space. Here are the top 5 renovation trends for 2015:

#1 Energy-Efficiency & Sustainability

This is becoming one of the key aspects in home renovations. Today, there are a number of eco-friendly building materials and products such as energy-efficient windows & doors, solar panels, tankless water heaters etc- The green bug has caught on in a big way. Homeowners have realised that going green helps them save money on energy costs and it helps them do their bit for the planet too.

This is now becoming a popular trend; many players are joining the fray and launching eco-friendly and energy-efficient products, and the cost of these solutions is on the downward trend. Some people opt for simple solutions such as increasing the amount of natural light in their home while others go all out and opt for complete self-sustaining renovation options

#2 Kitchens Designed to be Multi-Functional Hubs

Modern day kitchens are not just areas for food storage, preparation and clean-up. In 2015, the focus is on designing kitchens that act as multi-functional hubs – where people can cook and clean, store and entertain, have a homework/home office space. With this in view, kitchen designs are being approached in a very innovative manner.

These spaces are becoming focal points in their own right and are not being tucked-away at the far end of the home. In addition, they are also being assigned a larger footprint in the home. Australians are spending much more time in their kitchens and larger, spacious and more open kitchens are the in-thing in home design

#3 Concealment

This is one of the top renovation trends this year. The demand is for concealing tools and elements that are required for everyday tasks, behind smart external features. For instance, the conventional butler’s pantry may be concealed behind more elaborate, designer cabinetry. In fact, even cooktops and sinks are being disguised in one way of the other. The idea is that the spaces should look less utilitarian and more lifestyle-oriented. Another example is how bathroom vanities are now made to look like a designer chest of drawers instead of just a standard-looking storage under the sink

#4 Lighting

A larger number of people are now opting for accent and custom lighting solutions. Everyone has begun realising that regardless of how stunning the interior decor, if the lighting is poor, it kills the impact. In fact, indoor as well as outdoor spaces are now being lit in unique ways and the focus is on mood and task lighting that is planned purposefully and innovatively

#5 Textures

The focus is also on using textures. The concept of matching finishes and surfaces is fast fading and in 2015, the trend is to use a mix-and-match of textures. So, you will see a lot of timber and stone and satin and matte sitting side-by-side in home renovation concepts. Glossy finishes are being used with more rustic ones to create a stunning impact

Novel Renovation Ideas

In addition, bathrooms are becoming more stylish and the trend is towards maintaining a middle-ground between conventional and contemporary design concepts. Smaller format tiles are giving way to larger ones and people are opting for larger windows across all the rooms in their homes. This also means awnings and louvers are making an appearance on the home designing scene.

In 2015, the overall renovation trends are leaning towards the creation of more open spaces, maintaining energy efficiency and functionality while creating drama with new and novel home renovation ideas. For the best and latest renovation ideas and plans, call Elementree Drafting Services at 1300 566 873. You can also use this contact form to connect with us.

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